Best Black Ops 3 Guns for Newbies

I know this isn’t exactly a video game/gamer blog, per se, but the newest Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 game came out, and I know there’s also a lot of crossover between the airsoft community and people that play first person shooters. So I just wanted to talk a little bit about the new title (I’ve always been a big fan of the CoD series) and let you know what’s different about this one.

Seems like so far, Black Ops 3 has a much slower leveling process then previous Call of Duty games – rather than just unlocking new guns or new items as you increase in level/proficiency, you actually have to spend unlock tokens, which are earned as you play the game. Therefore, you have to be somewhat selective on what to use your tokens on, as creates a situation where you don’t want to waste tokens because they can take a while to accumulate.

So without further ado, I just wanted to go through a few of my favorite guns that I think would be useful for new players to unlock right away – I think that these guns are the ones that are going to be most beneficial for the average, casual player. Just a note that these aren’t necessarily the best guns in the game, but again the ones I think are the ones that you should try to unlock early on, with the thought in mind that their biggest strengths are accuracy and ease of use. I don’t think you should try to use any guns early on that have any sort of weird quirks or specialties, which require any sort of extra skill. Continue reading Best Black Ops 3 Guns for Newbies

The wonders of Cerakote

There’s no denying that whether Airsoft, BB, or real guns of the go-bang variety, there’s a definite cool factor that comes along with them. From absolutely pure engineering standpoint, guns are a mechanical wonder. Since the invention of black powder, to the modern day era of sophisticated weaponry, guns are a marvel of modern engineering. Many innovations provide purely tactical/functional advantages, while others are more aesthetic in nature.

The latter sometimes get dismissed by a contingent of the community, often throwing out derisive terms such as “tacticool” as an insinuation that those people are just posers and not to be taken seriously. In some cases, there may certainly be some element of truth to this mindset, especially if one goes to lengths to modify their gun(s) to the point that it actually hinders performance. My favorite example to draw comparisons of this are slow, underpowered cars with giant spoilers that have no functional value, and do nothing but add weight–NEWS FLASH: unless you have a REAL racecar or routinely drive on the Autobahn at extremely high speeds, you DON’T need a spoiler. You’re never gonna go fast enough in your little commuter car/faux performance vehicle to need additional downforce on the rear of your car!  Continue reading The wonders of Cerakote

Airsoft as a Hobby

While airsoft is a great hobby – there’s so many cool things about it obviously, and I’ve also met a lot of really cool people from it, there is a downside. Of course, that’s all the $$$ spent on it haha.

Airsoft is not for the faint of heart. First off, it’s the gear can get pretty expensive – even though there’s a wide range of options for everything, from the budget conscious to more pricey, fancy options, there’s no doubt there’s the potential to spend a lotta hard earned dough.


Also, there’s another factor at play here, and funny enough it’s something that’s both a pro and con at the same time. It’s the fact that airsoft gear is SO COOL! There’s a constant temptation to get the latest and greatest shizz, and in my head it’s an internal battle trying to rationalize why I should buy this or that vs why I should be more sensible and save my money LOL.

Of course, that’s not unique to airsoft by any means. When I actually think about it, maybe it’s just me! Let’s see if the same holds true for some of my other hobbies…

  • Hockey – Yup. I’m always looking to pick up the newest Vapor skates, some fancy composite stick (FYI check out custom BASE hockey twigs – so sick!) or gloves, as if they’ll instantly turn me into Patrick Kane 🙂
  • Photography – Definitely. Now this is a hobby that gets expensive in a HURRY. To be fair, the amount you spend on your kit or lens as a lot to do with how your pictures turn out (and shoutout to my buddy Eric who’s taught me how to shoot. I’m a noob, he’s a pro, check out his work at
  • Video games – Don’t even get me started haha. With all the hype with next gen, nexter gen, nextest gen GEEZ. And of course, gotta get the latest game – I’m actaully gonna go ahead and blame my friends on this one, they’re always pushing me to get the latest COD or GTA so we can play online. Bunch of dicks lol.

Continue reading Airsoft as a Hobby

BB & Airsoft Gun Info

BB and especially Airsoft has increasingly become a viable method of reinforcing good training habits gun handling and safety. Due to movies or more importantly the abundance of information available to the average citizen on the internet, people are more into gun awareness. Additionally, there is a lot of news these days about the battle between conservatives and liberals on gun advocacy. Unfortunately, there have been increasingly more incidents of gun violence in the United States; however, that contention is also hotly contested.

There are many out there that claim that incidents of gun violence aren’t statistically higher than previously. It’s just that the media, especially social media sites on the internet, simply create a lot more hype and attention when something does happen. In actuality they argue, there’s no more than other times.

Regardless of the truth, people continue to be fascinated with gun culture. Whether it’s because they’re controversial or taboo, or if it’s just a matter of practicality — the amount of dissent in the US seems to be rising, and we continue to see a backlash of protests, marches, and just plain civil unrest in various communities.

Anger and frustration is directed toward authoritative entities, namely local as well as federal governments. Citizens are beginning to feel more and more disenfranchised. Events such as Ferguson (Michael Brown shooting), as well as other occasions of police violence and alleged abuse of power/suppression of civil rights/etc, as resulted in more people riding the edge.

Out of all this, gun advocates and gun awareness in general seems to have exploded. 2nd Amendment advocates are all over the so-called assault rifle (commonly referred to as the AR-15) and ammunition ban. Some zealots even started hoarding ammo when President Barack Obama was re-elected during the last election cycle, predicting all sorts of extreme measures that the government and POTUS Obama were going to take.

Of course, this didn’t actually happen, and those folks were called out for being zealots who were screaming that the sky was falling. Metaphorically of course!

Where Airsoft Comes In

With all the current events happening in this atmosphere, people have turned to guns as a backup. Whether motivated by patriotism, ideology, or some other notion of liberty, their cause seems to be growing in numbers. One of the most efficient ways to train gun handling, safety, and overall awareness is to practice with BB or Airsoft guns.

If one looks at YouTube, you’ll see myriad number of people reviewing or talking about their Airsoft guns. Many are reviews of the different products, while others are simply talking about the hobby/sport in general.

gunAirsoft guns in particular are so realistic looking these days, that some gun industy manufacturers are actually producing items that are specifically geared towards the Airsoft crowd.

Magpul, for example, is a huge name in the gun world. They produce not only some of the best-selling and most popular accessories for the highly modular AR-15 rifle (such as magazines, slings, stocks, grips), the Remington 870 shotgun (one of the most popular shotguns in the world), but they also put out a number of instructional videos. And in those videos, the techniques that are taught by the Magpul instructors have been widely adopted as “correct” by a large number of the gun crowd.

But I digress, the point I was SLOWLY trying to make is that even a company like Magpul is creating products that while not suitable for actual live-fire weapons, they are targeted towards Airsoft gun owners.

My prediction? Is that this industry will only grow bigger over the next few years as companies seek to take advantage of a larger market share in this burgeoning industry. The only reason that they would hope that this sort of progress ceases or slows down is because of any sort of backlash to done safety and the awareness surrounding gun related violence these days. Either way you’re going to see more and more people start taking up the hobby or if you would like to call it a sport, of airsoft guns.

As mentioned they are so realistic looking some of them even function in a realistic manner with moving parts and very detailed construction as well as adornment. Again going back to YouTube, you’ll see that there are many younger and younger people taking up the sport sometimes with wrong motives as they are romanticizing gun play. While this can be a problem, the bigger benefit of airsoft and BB guns or that they actually do allow people to train, handle, and just become more familiar with guns. This should help increase gun safety and hopefully reduce gun related violent instances in the future.

As airsoft becomes more and more popular, I do expect people to take up the hobby in greater numbers, and making events out of it. This is similar to how people go out in large groups to have a day of fun playing paintball. This could involve large groups taking a party bus or even renting a limo (like we did from these guys) and making it a weekend party, if you will. Whatever direction the sport is headed, seemingly the number of participants are going up and the increased popularity will only be reflected in the more frequent activities you see and information that is online about the sport.

Charleston Shooting

Dylann Roof
The face of a killer

So, I know that this is meandering into a more serious topic here, but as the entire nation has heard by know, a terrible tragedy occurred recently in Charleston, South Carolina. A young man by the name of Dylann Roof went on a shooting spree, entering a church in the historic city of Charleston and subsequently shot and eventually killed 9 victims. It goes without saying that this is a senseless tragedy and a hideous act by an individual that is considerably unstable.

What angers me is that there are, as there always is, a certain segment of individuals out there, who will outright defend his actions, or express similar sentiments that Roof exposited as motive for his actions. And that, is perhaps the larger issue at hand. Yes, the vast majority of us can sit here and label Roof as a deranged individual, whose crimes can be considered an isolated and extreme incident, however terrible the scope. But the reality is that there is a sizable contingent of citizens in the US today who share his beliefs on race. Thankfully, almost of these people are brazen/stupid/zealous enough to act out their beliefs with such violence and brutality, but nevertheless the attitude and underlying beliefs percolate underneath the obvious exterior.

Oftentimes, these beliefs are expressed in a much more surreptitious manner; that can be subtle and nuanced bias, or outright discrimination. And while still awful, it can be passed over quite easily, and thus becomes more readily accepted. Sadly, these individuals are often brought up with such beliefs as a result of their upbringing. I won’t get into the whole nature vs nurture debate here, as that’s a whole different  topic that deserves a wholly separate blog! But, there’s no doubt that one’s upbringing has a HUGE affect on the individual. Often, these people have a history of racial prejudice in their family for generations, and that cycle can be hard to break. Thankfully, the preponderance of information and the ability to connect globally to the outside world and the ease of which we can plug into the rest of society as well via our phones and computers, is at least exposing people to more enlightened viewpoints. Or , at least showing them a wider culture than what may exist in their more confined environments.

But, how this relates to this blog is that there are advocates on either side of the gun control debate who immediately seeked to use this tragedy as a platform to push their agenda, one way or the other. This was both disappointing, yet unsurprising.

Whichever side of the fence you stand on, this tragedy is not a referendum on gun control or gun advocacy. Of course, then something like this happens people are so quick to jump all over for political/policy gain. But, this is an even deeper issue of race. Those that claim that racial strife is not a real probem, and that it’s a concoction of the media are either disingenious, ignorant, or just plain stupid. Let’s not forget that there are certain very significant, and very real issues that we have to continue to address. Sweeping them under the rug helps no one. It simply puts aside and possibly exacerbates the issue in the present.

How I Got Into Airsoft

Top Gun Maverick
Maverick before he got all Scientology-ish crazy

I was thinking about how I actually go into the hobby of Airsoft in the first place. As a kid, I was never one of those who also romanticized the notion of joining the military, and I didn’t grow up in Texas or anywhere that gun culture was particular prevalent. I did though, always have a fascination with flying and as a kid had grand plans of one day becoming a fighter pilot. One of my best friends growing up, Nate, and I were all into planes and would nerd out building model airplanes. I don’t know why anyone would care, but here’s a list of the top of my head of some of my favorites – This list is mostly just for me to reminisce 🙂

  • F-4 Phantom
  • A-10 Warthog
  • Harrier Jump Jets
  • A-6 Intruder
  • Saab Scania 37 Viggen
  • and my personal favorite the F-18 Hornet
“Best job I ever had.”

Beyond the whole fighter pilot phase, I was never really into the military. My dreams of dogfighting glory were quickly cut short in junior high when I discovered I needed corrective lenses LOL. For those that don’t know, 20/20 vision is required to be a fighter pilot. Makes sense when you consider there is no room for error up there: imagine being in an engagement and having to fiddle with a contact lens haha. On the other hand, my buddy Nate grew up and actually did join the Army, eventually become an artillery guy and a tank operator.

Anyways, I digress! The point is that I really didn’t have any real interest in guns, military culture, etc. As pathetic as it sounds, I think my interest in guns was sparked once I started getting heavily into first-person-shooter video games, in particular the Call of Duty series. I would spend hours a day immersed in my Xbox, and I guess all that exposure eventually led me to get into guns.

As with most things, once I’m into something, I jump into it headfirst. That’s to say, that if something has piqued my interest, then I’m all about it. I started reading up on guns, and became particular interested in the gear. It’s actually amazing how much there is out there. Not only from the regular ol’ manufacturers, but beyond that, the entire cottage industry that’s an offshoot (no pun intended) of everything. From accessories, training, apparel, etc. There’s even companies who’s entire “thing” is producing military-style morale patches.

Additionally, it also leads into wholly separate, but related sub-cultures. One in particular that comes to mind is the survivalist/prepper community. They are a whole different people unto themselves, and offer an entirely different view of the world. Fascinating. If you have any interest about a little insight into their POV, just check out Youtube. There’s some wackjobs out there for sure, but then there’s also a lot of rational, well-reasoned folks too who are simply taking extra precautions in the event of what they believe to be inevitable, the eventually collapse of the global economy and a breakdown of society and rule of law.

Sorry about the tangent again LOL – back to the point. Once I started getting interested in guns, I ended up learning, training, and purchasing my own legal firearms. To this point, I own firearms of all types: handgun, shotgun, bolt-action rifle, and the ubiquitous AR-15 (I think I’ll have whole separate post about these at some point).

At the same time, training and practicing with live firearms can be very expensive, especially given the cost of ammo these days (thanks Obama haha). Not only that, but maybe more importantly, there’s the safety factor. Being able to train with airsoft and/or BB guns allows the operator to reinforce good habits without the same risks to safety. I that sense, airsoft becomes more than just a hobby, but almost a necessary practice for those that can’t reasonably train on a regular basis.

Beginner’s Guide to Airsoft (Part 1)

Welcome to our Beginner 101 guide to Airsoft. This guide will serve as a guideline for beginning airsoft players who are going to be engaging in their very first military simulation. In order to ensure you have the best time possible, you need to make sure that you’re fully prepared for any contigency. Here are some of the items you’ll want to make sure you have:

  1. Cellphone:  These are of utmost importance just in case you run into any trouble, or if there is any sort of emergency situation.
  2. Money: No, credit cards or checks will do you no good out there on the battlefield. We’re talking cold, hard cash – as Randy Moss once famously said “straight cash homie”. Not all facilities where you are playing Airsoft will have be able to take credit or debit cards, so it becomes that much more important to bring along some cash in your pocket. Just makes sure that it’s secured well so that it doesn’t get lost. Perhaps even put it in a ziploc bag to keep any water out. The same could be said for any other items you bring along that need a bit of extra protection.
  3. Medical info: Along with the previous item, should you have any medical conditions that require special consideration, be sure to bring all any necessary documentation. That includes information on your pre-existing condition, what should be done in the event of an emergency, and finally your emergency contacts.
  4. Food & Water: Don’t forget to include some food in the form of snacks that you can comfortably carry around. Avoid things that can melt and cause a mess, of course! Finally, make sure you have plenty of water! Depending on how long you’re going to be playing, hydration is extremely important – to ensure you stay hydrated you can carry around bottled water, or maybe even a personal hydration pack. Don’t overlook the importance of water; dehydration is a very serious issue and heat stroke/heat exhaustion can be deadly.

Let’s talk gear:

  1. Battle Dress Uniform (BDU): Sometimes referred to fatigues, make sure you bring plenty of options to conform to the requirements of the field where you’re playing. For example, if they have camo color requirements, make sure you bring BDU that can be used on any of the teams.
  2. Headgear: Cover for your head/face is very important, especially when the sun is out. A hat is a great choice to keep the hot sun off your head. Another option is a helmet to provide protection and looks much more professional and realistic. You can also choose to wear a paintball or airsoft mask. Whether you paint/decorate it yourself, or buy one that is already painted, there are some really cool designs out there.
  3. Footwear: Often overlooked, make sure that you bring comfortable shoes that are rugged enough to withstand the varied terrain you’ll be playing on. tennis shoes
  4. Storage: For all your gear and magazines, a quality chest rig is a great choice. Some come with number of nice options such as modularity that allows you to customize things to your liking and can be more effective out on the field. You can also carry mags on a belt rig/harness, allowing you to maintain mobility.
  5. Eyewear: Finally, and maybe the most important item on this list is a quality pair of googles or another form of protective eyewear. Your vision is extremely important, so make sure you don’t ignore those paramount piece of equipment.

That includes Part 1, this was just a quick overview of some of the equipment you’ll want to bring for airsoft. In the upcoming Part 2 of this guide, we’ll jump into the fun stuff: the guns!